What is Wall of Tweets?

Put very simply, it’s a Twitter wall.
The very best Twitter wall money can buy.

What is Wall of Tweets for?

Holding an event or a party? Live or online? Wall of Tweets helps people share their thoughts and make connections using Twitter.

Conferences, parties, product launches, festivals, weddings... Wall of Tweets helps you build the buzz and share the excitement.

How do I use Wall of Tweets?

  • Order your Wall. We’ll need some info and materials from you, so we can design your unique Wall of Tweets for you.
  • Choose a #hashtag. That’s a word or phrase that identifies Tweets talking about topics relevant to your event. E.g.: for us, it might simply be #walloftweets. We can help you choose a hashtag. Let your visitors know your hashtag. Remind them before and on the big day itself.
  • You’ll need to organise your own hardware (PC and digital display or projector and screen).
  • We’ll send you the link to your Wall before the event starts. Open the link in your browser and – hey presto! You’re up and running. You can moderate the tweet stream to choose exactly which content to show your guests.

What’s new at Wall of Tweets?

Wall of Tweets is our original product, helping you share your ideas on a big wall via Twitter. But our drive to meet requests from you, our clients, soon meant the product outgrew its name. We added Facebook integration. We made it possible to display pics from Instagram and Flickr. We added digital signage capability, and Foursquare checkins... The list goes on. It’s more than a Twitter wall. Head over to our PulseWall site to see the full range of social media and other functions for your conference or event.

What makes Wall of Tweets special?

Great design

Every Wall is created especially for each client by our professional in- house designers. Just send us your brand specifications or ideas – or leave it up to us. We’ll create a Wall to make you proud and to delight your visitors.

Personal service

We understand how important it is that your event runs smoothly and looks professional.

We know how stressful organising an event can be.

Our dedicated service team takes care of making sure your Wall looks just the way you want. We give free training on using the wall. And during the event itself, our technical people are on-call 24/7 to make sure there are no glitches.

Superior technology

Wall of Tweets is built in clean, cross-platform HTML5. No plugins needed, and no ugly fights with the browser.

We have direct access to Twitter’s API so that even if the “fail whale” is putting in an appearance, your tweets still come onto your Wall.

Our moderation system couldn’t be simpler – choose your tweets direct from your computer, iPad or smartphone.

Satisfaction guarantee

When we say that Wall of Tweets is the best Twitter available, we say it for three reasons. We believe that Wall of Tweets has the best design. We believe it performs the best. And we're absolutely convinced we offer the most professional service.

You are ordering Wall of Tweets because you are running an important event, and failure is not an option. There's not much point in us offering you a money-back guarantee if something goes wrong, because your reputation is at stake. That's why we've invested in building a bomb-proof platform with a number of safety mechanisms to prevent service glitches.

However, should the worst happen, not only will we not charge you a penny for the Wall, we will also give you your next Wall for free.

Want to know more?

Click here to ask us whatever you want to know about the product


Mind your language!
Moderate those tweets with our simple tool or use the auto-filter.

Professional custom design – full branding and choice of layouts.

Multi - hashtags? No probs.

Hosting – nothing to install at your end.

One screen? Two screens? A million screens? It’s up to you – the price is the same.

Free training.

Based in the UK or US? Call us at national rates.

Customer support, free training and technical backup 24/7 while your event is live. Works even if Twitter is down.


Examples of our work

Denver Debate
Forum Americas
UXP Apocalypse
Wall of Dawn
WEF East Asia


  • “Despite being at opposite ends of the world, Wall of Tweets consistently provides us with excellent service. Their attention to detail, reasonable pricing and quick turnaround time are few of the many reasons why we choose to work with them.”
    Debra Ng, Edelman Singapore Multiple client events
  • “I've done enough web and IT projects in my career to know that sometimes things go bad in unpredictable ways. It's the people's character, how they react under pressure, that makes the difference. On that level I would like to once again commend your team from the bottom of my heart.”
    Hervé Jodoin, Social Media Consultant Event: Conference of Montreal 2012
  • “We used Wall of Tweets for our TEDx event and it worked great! We had a big screen TV with Wall of Tweets right when you walked in to the lobby. People liked looking at it and it encouraged them to engage with our twitter account and hashtag throughout the event. They were excited when walking by during the breaks and seeing their tweet pop up. I highly recommend Wall of Tweets for any event!”
    Katie Pritchard, Organiser Event: TEDx Virginia Tech
  • “A few months ago, my team and I who were organizing the New Leaders conference, had a great opportunity to collaborate with Wall of Tweets. They are a powerful team of enthusiastic young people who are happy to support worthwhile initiatives. Even though we were physically separated, the communication was just fine and they responded to all our requests. The design of the tweet wall was perfect and the application worked properly all the time. I have nothing but praise for them.”
    Bojana Nikolić, AISEC Serbia Event: New Leaders Conference
  • “The organiser, the visitors and we ourselves were very happy. We had 5 large plasma screens around the venue, which was very effective.”
    Ivor Kovic M.D., Emergency physician, blogger Event: European Resuscitation Council Congress 2012
  • “The team at Wall of Tweets were so helpful and perfect for a first time user of this product. The Wall of Tweets itself is a great addition to any event and it worked really well at our Symposium. We can definitely build on the usage of it for the coming years but it’s something that has helped us to create more of a presence on Twitter, and generate more interest for our event. Thank you very much!!”
    Rachel Pike, Boat International Media Event: Superyacht Design Symposium
  • “Thanks to the Wall of Tweets, AdviserEdge 2013 was a huge success. The Wall of Tweets is the best engaging tool we could get. We highly recommend Wall of Tweets and UX Passion for your upcoming event.”
    Florent Le Mens, The Social Adviser Event: AdviserEdge 2013
  • “Using Wall Of Tweets for TEDxSharjah contributed to the success of our event. Attendees enjoyed tweeting while seeing other tweets in real-time. The Wall of Tweets team were helpful, providing support that was beyond our expectations for a service provided from across the continent to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.”
    Wafa Khalfan, Curator Event: TEDxSharjah
  • “I was very happy with the twitterwall at our launch event, it looked great and added a really valuable social element to the event.”
    Carole Keating, Onwards Events UK Event: Kryolan Cosmetics launch

Where have we been so far?

There are no inhabited continents where Wall of Tweets hasn't gone. Over 100 different countries all across the globe, hundreds of events and clients... But we are still aiming to go where no Wall has gone before: Antarctica... so in case you can help with that installation - feel free to contact us :)

Where has WOT been on a world map
Gold Coast, Australia
Agile Croatia
Zadar, Croatia
Chicago, USA
Burston Marsteller
Moscow, Russia
Virginia, USA
London, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Haymarket Media
Hong Kong
San Francisco, USA
Toronto, Canada
Las Vegas, USA
Lima, Peru
Cape Town, South Africa
Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Homer, Alaska
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Nairobi, Kenia
New Delhi, India
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Yerevan, Armenia
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About Us

Who are we?

Wall of Tweets is a product from the team at UX Passion, a full-service User Experience design agency. We spend our time crafting wonderful digital and offline experiences for our clients and their customers. With Wall of Tweets, we use our expertise to bring you a product that is simple, functional and beautiful – with a full service experience.

How to reach us?

Horvatovac 23 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Email us:
[email protected]
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(+385) 99 338 9943
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(+44) 20 3239 2941
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(+1) 347 735 6941
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